About us

Leauxla Lashes pronounced ‘Lola Lashes’ provides luxury 3D and 5D mink lashes.

We pride ourselves in empowering young ladies with their beauty, success and choice of eye makeup. We offer a broader range of high-performance, indulgent and affordable strip mink eyelash extensions for a confident shopping experience every time. We believe that all people, from all places and cultures, have the right and deserve to feel beautiful and be loved.

You’re bound to find your favourite lash style within our range. You’re also able to switch up your look depending on what mood you’re in or what makeup look you’re going for.

Our lashes are day and night time friendly! 100% premium quality! Fluffy, wispy, pretty, sweet, reusable comfortable, lightweight. All handmade with love; we only use cruelty free mink fur that are ethically sourced.  

"Be about your lash game and shop our range!" 

Love LOLA xo